The XoVoxBox

This was my first experience in recieving a VoxBox from Influenster and overall the experience was wonderful. It took a little bit longer for my box to arrive than I had initially expected but that could be due to the intense winter here in New England. Also, I never was sent the tracking number so I knew where my box was but none the less I was super excited when I came home from a late night out with friends to find it on the couch. The box itself was a bright orange so you knew exactly what it was. It wasn’t taped or seal shut in any way so it was quick to open. The products inside were arranged neatly and labeled as to what they were. All the coupons are a larger size and vividly colored so the wouldn’t get lost in the shuffle. Registering the box online was easy as well and I look forward to taking the post survey.

Now to get to the actual products. The skin fix hand cream was by far my favorite and I will certainly be buying the larger version later in the year. It was the perfect night time solution for my dry hands. I’m a commuter on the Boston transit system and between waiting in the cold for late trains to being crammed in tight on overheated trains my poor hands took quite a beating! (A majority of this post was written on a train home.) From the John Frieda line I got the beyond smooth products. Honestly, I have mixed opinions about this. Other similar products as far as shampoo and conditioner show better results but the primer/leave in conditioner as I call it worked true wonders. The one over all complaint I do have is the sample size bottles were rather tough to open especially while in the shower. I will be buying the larger sized version of the primer to see if that continues to work and hope the bottle is better.

The toothpaste and toothbrush I don’t know where to begin with. I tried using the toothpaste but I can’t stand the taste of mint and three days was all I could tolerate. I’m sure it works but that was all I could take of the mint and the baking soda after taste didn’t help. I was shocked to find out that the toothbrush wasn’t a spin brush but I guess that would be too expensive to send in a sample? The whitening pen was easy to use and I was a noticeable difference in just a few days. I might have put too much on the first time however since it left my mouth extremely watery. I would consider trying this product again if it came in other non minty flavors such as cinnamon or orange.

Included in the box was a set of tide pods with febreeze, a coupon for lands end, and promo code fro Adore Me. I’m allergic to Febreeze so the tide pods never got tested. I did regift them to my mom who will use them on a later trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! The lands end coupon was a nice gesture and their clothes are awesome just currently slightly out of my price range at the moment. I’ve made a separate blog about Adore Me so be sure to read that as well!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


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